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May Day! May Day! May Day! Help!

June 8, 2012

The provision in the National Defense Authorization Act for worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial is the most threat to freedom in the USA since the revolution.

If passed, it would allow the military to arrest Americans anywhere in the world even within the borders of the USA and held indefinitely in detention without charge.

Other peoples have suffered this law. The Jews of the Third Reich. The Soviets of the Gulag. The Disappeared of Argentina. The hapless in any dictatorship and Islamic paradise.

Do we want to emulate the laws of thugs?

This is trashing the Constitution on steroids. Even Obama is threatening to veto it! I am no fan of the ACLU but it sees the danger. 

This legislation is sponsored by Senator Carl Levine D-MI and Senator John McCain R-AZ. Even if this bill is laughed off the floor of the senate neither of these men should be re-elected to ANY office in the USA. We do not NAZI emulators in America. Any senator who does not categorically reject this bill should never hope to be re-elected. We must punish these traitors. Send your senator a wake up call. NOW! This comes to the floor of the senate today.

It is Almost Midnight in the West. This is truly lights out legislation. Please get off your tuchas. If the USA goes dark, the world will wobble off its axis.